Soda Gallery

Below are a few of our soda blasting jobs.

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28′ alloy launch before & after soda blasting
James Lee hull before & after soda blasting
James Lee deck before & after soda blasting
1961 12ft Zephyr caravan before & after
Teak shutters came up stunningly well
Stainless pots and pans before & after
This Totara carving came up a treat
1983 Audi Gt Coupe alloy stripped bare
Stainless pots and pans given a clean up
Concrete truck bowl cradle gets a tidy up ready for a repaint
Years of paint is removed from the stock car chassis/frame.
A stolen, painted then recovered trailer is brought back to it’s former glory.
Alloy wheels
0316-xy-grill-31-10-16-s 0317-xy-grill-31-10-16-s
XY Falcon Grille
0296a-04-10-16 0298a-04-10-16
Concrete Gateway Pillars
0274 Z900 Kawasaki 26-04-16 S 0275 Z900 Kawasaki 26-04-16 S
Z900 Kawasaki motor
0270 02-03-16 S 0029 MF Grey on MF tractor 03-03-16
Three tractors soda blasted Massey Ferguson primed & top coated
0030 Kubota Blue on Fiat tractor 03-03-16 0031 Kubota Orange on DB tractor 03-03-16
Fiat primed & top coated David Brown primed & top coated
0255 Isuzu 6 wheeler S 21-12-15 0258 Isuzu 6 wheeler S 21-12-15
Loose paint removed from an intact Isuzu 6 wheeler
0242 14ft 6in 11-12-15 0247 14ft 6in 11-12-15
14ft 6in caravan dry blasted
0230 Mini Clubman 08-12-15 Soda 0234 Mini Clubman 08-12-15 Soda
Mini Clubman exterior
0233 Mini Clubman 08-12-15 Soda 0238 Mini Clubman 08-12-15 Soda
Mini Clubman interior
0221a 40 DCNF Webers 0222a 40 DCNF Webers
40 DCNF Webers
0204 Toroa 29-10-15 0210 29-10-15
40 foot cat soda blasted to remove anti foul
0211 0214
Blasting finished & cleaned off ready for repairs & painting.
0197 30-09-15 0199 30-09-15
Fire restoration (centre unit of 3 units) done with soda (& water to keep the dust down).
0202 30-09-15 0203 30-09-15
Fire restoration in unburnt unit done with dry soda
0189 04-07-15 0190 04-07-15
Rimu/kauri mantelpiece/fire surround
0173 40ft Cat 10-03-15 0177
43 foot Catamaran before
0183 0180
43 foot Catamaran after
171 1932 Riley 9 Rocker covers 172 1932 Riley 9
Riley 9 rocker covers
169 fuel tank 25-02-15 170 fuel tank 25-02-15
Fuel tank
165 09-02-15 166 09-02-15
Trial blasting of LVL beams with soda & glass plus a few other bits with soda
163 Dodge Ram 29-01-15 164 Dodge Ram 29-01-15
Dodge Ram front end body parts & roasting dishes
161 162
Chrysler Valiant 3 speed floor shifter. Only had surface rust so was cleaned up with soda and then painted.
0151 0152
Norton Motorbike engine
0155 157
It was suggested that these 40 year Chrysler Australia mudflaps were beyond saving but blasting removed all the crud & sealers that had been applied to them over years & brought them up like new.
0149 24-11-14 0150 24-11-14
70’s Valiant parts
0146 24-11-14 0148 24-11-14
Aluminium bulwarks
0143 Webers 03-11-14 0144 Webers 03-11-14
Weber 40DCOE carbs & DEVELO manifold
0135 Burnt Harley Davidson engine & parts 19-03-14 0136 Burnt Harley Davidson engine & parts after 19-03-14
Burnt Harley Davidson motor & parts
0131 Trial, later side of house 13-03-14 0132 Dry blasted 13-03-14
Trial blasting of weather board, dry blasting removed everything well & left a good profile on later build parts of the building.
0133 Wet blasted 13-03-14 0134 Wet blasted, older side of house 13-03-14
Wet blasting was even quicker & left the same good profile. However it wouldn’t remove the lead paint from older parts of the building (probably a good thing).
Outboard motor
Alloy boat full paint strip.
Turbo Vec Alloys wheels – paint stripped & cleaned inside & out.
Old paint stripped off fibreglass boat hull
Anti fouling stripped from fibreglass yacht
Brush blast.
Complete outer paint strip.
Plastic Scania  truck parts – complete paint strip.
1971 LC Torana 4cyl Deluxe belonging to 18 yr old Lochlan Campbell of Nelson. Great to see the young ones getting into the classics.
30 foot kauri fishing boat, removal of anti fouling and 40 years of paint.
Brush blast to remove dirt, loose paint and rust.
Fibre glass hot rod firewall – the white marks show paint lifting so it needed stripped back so they could start again.
1938 Chevrolet Master Deluxe – Complete outside blast.
Roasting dishes came up like new.
Aluminium truck chiller body during the process.
Both after – desk lamp and Ducati bike engine.
Chev Impala – complete outside blast.
Ducati fibre-glass motorbike fairings. 8 coats of paint were removed using reduced pressure.
Powdercoated alloy bike wheel, outer edges on both sides were stripped for polishing. Remainder of wheel was lightly blasted to allow paint to key to it.
EK Holden – complete inside, outside and underneath blast.
Vespa Before Vespa After
Vespa scooter body. Previously restored, the current owner was shocked to see all the repairs that were hidden under the paint and filler.
Ford Inlet Manifold - Before Ford Inlet Manifold - After
Ford intake manifold
1935 Ford Bonnet - Before 1935 Ford Bonnet - After
1935 Ford Bonnet
Motorbike Frame - Before Motorbike Frame - After
Powdercoated American Bobber motorbike frame